My Survey Review – A ZERO BS “My Survey Review” (2016 – 2017)
My survey review | My $3k a day business

You were searching the web for a my survey review so you can find out if taking surveys with this particular survey site is what you want to embark on. My name i sJacob and i came online almost 6 years back when i was trying to learn how i could make an extra income from home. All these paid survey sites came up as i was searching the web for a solution. was one of the survey sites i started with.

So after i got some survey done i want to give you my complete honest and no bs my survey review. I got rewarded and realized that in order to make a good amount of money doing online surveys i would have to do hundreds of these tedious web survey.

At first everything was great then decided for myself that i needed something with more leverage where i could do the work once and have that pay me day in and day out with no further work out in.

So after jumping from survey site all around the web i decided to find a mentor who had what i wanted, so i did exactly that.

I came across a mentor who was showing people how they could make up to $3,000 per day using and leveraging a system that he was using.

After struggling for 5 years with little to no results to show for online i now see that finding this mentor was key in my life because he knew how to do everything that i needed to know about making money from home.

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This is Jacob Luna Signing off from this my survey review and i want to thank you for sticking through it till the end.

See you at the top,

Jacob L.

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