Get Paid To Take Legitimate Surveys For Money Are you really interested in making money with surveys? You have 2 options. You can trust other reviewers or you can see the real thing. Choice is yours.

If you really want to get paid to take surveys, the most important thing you need is real and reliable information.

If you already started your online search for surveys for money you probably ran into some shady websites promising you unbelievable money for taking surveys. No legitimate survey site will ever promise you large amounts of money, so obviously any website that will do that is up to no good.

You should stay away from any paid info sites that make promises sounding too good to be true. They usually are too good to be true. These shady websites would tell you anything, just to get your money. Please be careful!

Let me tell you a few things about paid surveys for money.

Stating the obvious. Bad economy forced many to look for additional income opportunities. It’s not a surprise that ways not requiring any particular skills or training are most popular. When I think of such simple and easy ways of making money on the internet I often think of paid surveys. Probably so do you.

General “get paid to take surveys” information leads to misconceptions and usually fools readers into believing that they will make a lot of money. I take surveys for years and I have seen promises of all shapes and sizes.

Here are main reasons why people think 98% of survey sites are scams:

While there are many legitimate survey sites operating on the internet the nature of search engines allow “scammers” to place themselves at front of our eyes by placing ads. These ads typically will show up at the top of the page, right above generic search results. They will all promise unrealistic amounts of money, just to get you to click on the ad. It’s safe to say that if it’s an ad, someone is trying to sell you something.

So what happens when you decide to click on the ad anyway?

There are thousands of recruiting (“scamming”) sites that are creating misconceptions about surveys by simply misinforming potential survey takers. Most common misconception is the amount of money that can be earned with surveys.

Recruiting market is very competitive. Legitimate survey sites pay recruiters for new members, but can’t control their recruitment process.

Typically recruiters promise lots of money for doing next to nothing, while no respected survey site will ever do that. Even if $25-$50 surveys aren’t that uncommon, they are also not a standard. Most surveys pay anywhere from $1 (for 5-10 minute survey) to $10 (for 5-30 minute survey). It’s understandable that anyone expecting every survey to pay $20 or more will declare surveys to be a “scam”, especially if they’ve been charged for the information.

Healthy (cash rewarding) survey sites that pay their members well don’t need to recruit many new members because not many of their old members are quitting. Therefor they don’t need to pay recruiters for new recruits because “good word” about them is spread by their happy members.

Most of the time sites that pay recruiters large amounts of money for new members are sites that offer sweepstake entries to their members (generally waste of time). That is why recruiting sites will most likely paint a perfect picture of these sweepstake (or low paying) survey sites just to get you to sign up for them.

As you see it pays to promote sweepstake survey sites. In the best interest of “scamming” recruiter is to get you to sign up for all the worthless survey sites that offer them (not you) the highest reward.

Fortunately there are still few info sites that place their recommendations based on hands-on experience. These are sites you should be looking for if you are interested in finding truly solid survey sites.

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